Yolanda Adams - Let Thy Will Be Done Lyrics

Let Thy Will Be Done

So much talk is going on about how Jesus loves us. Everyone is quick to say with joy that they will see HIS face. No one ever gives account of what it really requires to give ourselves just as HE gave and this is why I pray.
Let thy will be done Oh Lord
Hear my cry Oh Lord as I called out to thee
To serve you everyday is my earnest plea.
Lord have your way. YOUR WAY.

So much talk is going on about how Jesus Love us. Everyone is quick to say yes I'm saved I'm going to see HIS face but no one EVER give account of what it REALLY requires to give OURSELVES just as HE GAVE
This is why I PRAY LORD LET YOUR WILL BE OH DONE OH LORD DOWN IN ME HEAR MY CRY OH LORD AS I CAL OUT TO THEE I WANT TO SERVE YOU EVERYDAY THAT IS MY EARNEST PLEA. I want to walk as YOU walked in the will of the FATHER from on high as you gave your life you knew the son would sometimes be denied but still YOU LOVED ME in spite of all my sinful ways that is why I CAN SAY. LET THY WILL BE DONE. Hear my cry oh Lord. As I call out to thee I want to serve you everyday that is my earnest plea. I wanna walk as you walked I wanna live as only YOU lived hear my cry oh Lord I'm calling out to thee I want to serve. I want to serve you everyday to walk in YOUR HOLY WAY .. HELP ME .. Lord to serve YOU EVERYDAY THAT'S MY EARNEST PLEA ..

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