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Letter P

[Verse 1:Saigon]
I pop a pussy person for purposefully perpetrating
Point the pistol and pull it, this punk is impersonating
My people pack P-89's for prime time
They parolin my posse, Im pickin up pom-pom's
Personally I preach prophecy
These punks puttin out poems about pimping, pushing and property
Please, people ain't prepared to be persuaded by political paraphrases they printing in the papers
I'm positioning my peers to pump-pump
Put the pound to the pig, just let 'em pump pump
I pause for you people to peep the letter P
Poetically put in a paragraph so perfectly
No I ain't a P-I-M-P, but I do got a pistol in my pocket perpetrate and I'll pop it
Prince my pitbull, go ahead try and pet it
See if you dont leave this place with paramedics


[Verse 2:Kool G Rap]

Partner I’ll put to you with pain
I’ll put it to you plain
I’ll pop a few passengers on a Pan-Am plane
People call me Crack Pop
Cuz I put packs in the pot
Pop on the block
Get it poppin' like Pac
I was placed in the PJs
No pot to pee in
I get POed when my PO
Give me pots to pee in
I got pinched, placed in the pen
Three cases pending
I will penetrate through your chest plate
No player pretending
You preschool poets are pitiful
You playing with no principle
Put out public school
I put a pencil in the principal
Plea bargain my pre-meditateds palmin' my penis
You prolly with PoPo and participate with subpoenas
I part through your peoples like “Pardon, Pa” it’s a problem
They probably plenty prayin or plain playing possum
Make police park cars, snap pictures of parts of ‘em
Pull punks pop pellets, you punks want no parts of him, period

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