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[Hook: Life White]
I can honestly say that
I'm high off of life, from the day til the night
I can honestly say that
I'm high off of life, cause my mistress looking right
Ooh, these niggas run they mouth
And what the fuck they talking 'bout?
As long as bottles gone pop, everybody wanna [?]
[?] all up in my [?]
Same bitches never used to fun
As long as [?] stay hot
Everybody wanna [?], this is life

[Verse 1: Frisco]
I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that
I'm happy with life when I wake up
Wifey play with my ting when I wake up
I wanna know what some of you are really about
Without your mask and make up
Be real with me
The niggas I'm with kill for me
And you're there fronting and stunting
TBH you're looking like a meal to me
And I really think I'm one of the best, but don't get the credit I deserve
But as long as my fans understand me
I cut true like Stanley and ride for my family, you get me?
My team run the ting evidently
If you've got a problem, don't tweet me
Fam you know where I am, come check me
I can't respect an online gangsta
Dem man dere nothing but cowards
Sometime the weed makes me a bit paranoid, ca I'm smoking nothing but [?]
I consider my team as brothers, so try know I ain't got no friends
R.I.P. to my nigga Mark Duggan, and that's just til we meet again
Feds still don't wanna give no answers, [?], them man are nothing but bastards
Giving false info to the media, say nothing, you're gonna get karma
I'm high off of life, but I keep on flirting with death, it's mad
Sometimes I kick back and think to myself "what's next?"

[Hook: Life White]

[Verse 2: Frisco]
I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that
I'm happy with life when I go sleep
Wifey's ready for the beat when we go sleep
I'm high off of life so I've gotta give praise to the most high
Because he blessed me with flows, holy
Them man have got hate in their heart
Fuck them, my conscience clean when I go sleep
Some man are ungrateful
Help 'em out when they're down and out, but when they're back up man wanna act up
And start moving like they don't rate you, that can make me hate you, I swear down
That's why I keep my circle tight, cause I ain't gotta worry if a person might
Talk the business, leak the info, you wanna hate me for bettering myself?
That's why I'm just gone with the wind bro
I chose to do music and stuck with it
Now man wanna hate me for that
Now a couple niggas wanna make an attack
I've been in the forefront since 0-6
With no major, rate me for that
To the supporters supporting the BBK album, it's a wait for that
Anticipating that, but you can't rush greatness
Just know when it drops everybody's gonna rate this
Keep patiently waiting, I beg
Won't crumble, I stay humble
I won't ever let fame go to my head
I would never try floss on my homepeople, nah that's an eedyat ting, dead

[Hook: Life White]

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