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Life Waster

[Verse 1]
I went to substances, you went to college
I think it's too late to acknowledge our problems
Heard that you're great, I just wanted to say
It ain't change, I still love you, tomorrow's not promised
Oh, by the way, f*ckin' hate all the fame
Got you counting the days when your illness is chronic
Death really changes the way you behave
I'll remember your face when it smiles upon us

[Verse 2]
Reprobate, psych major
Sick, sick, sick, so we like danger
Tough luck, life waster
If I get to know her, then I might save her
Stars in your eyes, let the moon talk
I could stay a while 'fore I move on
Hoodie sleeves up, let the mask off
Mixed our tears on the asphalt
Damage in my C6, but you get that
So I know you'll understand where my blade at
You afflicted? Where the meds at?
Damn, girl, let's make Big Ben sad
[Verse 3]
f*ck 'em all, they don't got nothin' on us
Try to kill us, baby, think we're f*ckin' haunted
f*ck your f*ckin' sickness, lost you in the process

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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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