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Left To Die

Wash my hands do as you will take Jesus Christ to hang on the hill no mercy was spared on that day packed his cross paved the way nailed to a cross for all to see one in each hand and one in his feet a crown of thorns placed on his head stabbed in his side and was left to die the blood flowed and has since that day saving us all but only by grace in romans ten you will see how easy it is to be set free all this he done for you gave his life for you to choose through the blood there is power, cleansing, heating, eternal life three days had passed what did they see the stone rolled away not a big mystery Jesus Christ alive and well defeating death and conquering hell said he would go to prepare us a place for those follow and obey Christ will return his arms open wide together his church to reign by his side

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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