Babel Fish - Light Of Day Lyrics

Light Of Day

Flat on my backWith you beside meI cannot belive the things that I seeWhen I'm in your armsThe world stops spinning aroundRub on the lamp'Cause I've been locked inAll sweaty and dampWhen you start wishingYou've got all the threeThat's us, it's you and meYou say come onWe've been around here for too longOur time is nowWe're gonna make it there somehowAnd I say okI'll risk the night to see the light of dayThen I becomeA doubting ThomasI'm not realy sureThe stakes become usBut you are the calmMy doubts are all crushed in your palmYou say come on...Feeling the blood running through meFeeling my life running freelyYou say come on...When you go outI'm still in bedBut you left me a noteThe mirror's redYou're not reely goneYour writing tells me i'm the oneYou say come on...

Babel Fish Light Of Day

Date Added: 2007-12-26
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