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Lighted Up

What comes to mind today
Is where I was before
Sitting lonely trying to stay so drunk
Waiting for somebody to leave open some door

Tuesday came and went as quickly as expected
Didn't notice that I needed it to stay
And you know sometimes I need to be neglected
Sometimes love looks good in gray

And I believe
Somewhere there's a vision in the dark
But I can't see
Unless there's someone there with a spark

To keep me lighted up

Now you're back in D.C
And I'm in Los Angeles again
The cold wind grips you like a fist
And the spotlight here is not my friend

But I believe
Sometimes there's a need for separation
And I can't see
I need to find another way

To keep me lighted up

And I believe
Somehow there's a prism in the dark
And I can't see
Unless it's you there with a spark

You keep me lighted up

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