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Like I Know

Shoot any nigga in the face behind NBA, believe that
You already know that be my song nigga, you heard me
Stay up in your place nigga
You hear that beat, get on the ground
Goddamn, BJ with another one
Shoutout to KP for that beat
Like I know, know like I know
What she say? What she say, she say "Big 4L"?
Ayy, ayy, I ain't, I ain't even gon' get on your ass
Bboy dripping that

[Verse 1]
I bet yo' momma be destroyed nigga
When we send yo stupid ass to God for makin' statements
Choosin' sides about my beef with them lil boys
I can say I saw it, you can say I was your favorite, nigga
Better stay up in your place bitch
f*ck around get yo face split any day nigga
They know I'm a demon, you ain't met the devil til you seen me
The day I get 'em hit
We gon' kill the bitch inside of Neimans for any reason
I dont give a f*ck how you treat your body
Give a f*ck 'bout your cleanin
I dont give a f*ck about no bitch
You can have these hoes cause I don't need em
They know I step on shit, playin' round with that slime, oh
I sing the blues, know you in tune
'Bout how we knock 'em down like dominos
Youngboy Lucciano, we pull on side, shoot up the car though
Plenty clips like Leonardo, them slimes go wherever I go
I want his soul, he gon' get it (Get it)
I hope you know like I know
Gon' die from choosin' sides though
I'm smellin blood and I'm feinin' (Feinin, I'm feinin')
Bitch you gon' die and I know (Gon' die)
Yo momma cryin' on the front row (The front row)

[Verse 2]
Nigga better ask Blasian about me
How we catch 'em bad and take his shit
Leave 'em stripped, the police think we raped the bitch
Nigga better not play with this and my momma know
I'm a demon seed, I'm into facin' shit
Hope yo niggas know not to be inside that car
Soon as the draco hit
Old p*ssy ass nigga, ain't no coppin' pleas, shouldn't said shit
You ain't gettin no pass nigga
You gon' rep the same block as that bitch
That's gon' be yo ass nigga
Who runnin', duckin' all these sticks
I'm lettin' you know I ain't even serious on this bitch
Nigga suck my dick
I'm facin' seven years, I ain't known to shed a tear
These niggas dyin', I be the slime
These niggas could click up all they want, bitch cross that line
He postin' coms but ain't got more whips than as I, huh
All you hoe ass niggas ain't got more millions than AI, huh
On the phone with Stunna, my five
Now it's my time, where, in the house reside

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