Styles P - Live By the Gun Lyrics

Live By the Gun

[Verse 1 : Styles P]

If this was back then I would've gunned you down
With the 44 large that make the thunder sound
I know niggas with tonnes and pounds
I would cut your head off if I want your crown
I been quiet in the cut
Y'all niggas little boys
Don't make me tire a nigga up
And fire a nigga up
Let 'em burn like the blunt and the pistol
Ask 'em 'bout the kid in [?]
I ain't never been through the halls
But my name got a ring through the walls
For the type of shit I bring when I brawl
I was 16 pulling stings in the mall
Getting money over bitches
Serving fiends when they call
But fuck then, we dealing with now nigga
I'll kill you, I ain't feeling your style nigga
Yeah I'm rude, I paid my dues, even made news
Shot shit, stabbed shit, even been sued
So overstand or feel me nigga
I ain't talking the car shit now it's realty nigga
Late night I take a look through the sky lights
Money on your head but they ain't paying my price
Get it? Time is Money, look at the hour nigga
You got the cash but we got
The respect and the power nigga
If you street then you know we the bosses
This shit could get ugly
Mad bodies when they leaving their office

[Verse 2 : Raw Buck]

Ayo SP save your breath
I'ma let this fucking shotgun cave his chest
Give him whiplash man
I bet the impact break his neck
Leave his ass underneath of the basement steps
You hungry nigga? I'll let you taste your death
I'm the best thing now go head and place your bets
I'm nuclear, y'all cocksuckers is new born
I got a new firearm and the beams syracuse orange
Fuck all y'all niggas y'all get moved on
Time is money, so I'ma just kill you and move on
Wudup, D-Block, two toasters up
Nigga die if you fuck around with Ghost and Buck
You see a niggas upset when the toast get buck
And you laying the street and you opened up
And the doc said that he can't close you up
And your man had a gat but he froze and duck
Pussy! Y'all sweet like coconuts
I hold my nuts, on the post posted up
Used to stand on the block for hours
And couldn't get a sale
Then we bagged dimes for hours
And use a bigger scale
Block like a bad earthquake, off the Richter scale
Two stacks per hour, ran through a brick quick as hell
I'm from [?]
I'll die tryna get my mail
I don't box but I'll box you
Try [?]

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