Styles P - The Old From The New Lyrics

The Old From The New

Let me know how you want it
Bars or bullets?
So many niggas on my dick
It's hard to pull it
Out my pants, take a leak
So you and your clique
Can suck my dick basically
Yeah the four is loaded, the hawk is sharp
You ain't got to go to church to have a talk with god
Get an arabic bomb off a corporate card
D-Block like a terrorist group
More niggas than Smurfs
Come through blueberry [?]
Y'all don't know me
I don't know where you been
Got the DJ gun, who wanna hear him spin?
Put bullets in the holes that your earring’s in
Faggot, I don’t know who called you hard
I got a big ass gun to rid of all of y’all
I can take your Chopard or your Audemars
Wanna battle SP bring all of y’all
And the ghost gon’ ride on the G4
Kill you then show your crew
What they call me a G for
You wanna piss bag?
What you fucking with me for?
I gotta ask you this, let me know
What kinda gun should I blast you with?
Is it a knife or a sword I should slash you with?
Is it a rock or a pipe I should bash you with?
I’ma leave your ass bleeding like a nasty bitch
Get the chain and the motherfucking cash and get

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