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Live Your Life

You're embarrassing Raymond Washington, and Tookie Williams
You're not even part of revolutionary progress, they were built in
If young G's follow you, it's the blind leading the blind
All you can teach em, is how to throw up gang signs
Community loyalty united eternally, that's what I claim
Check my back left pocket, and the flag that hang
To me it's a way of living, but to you it's just a gang
Thinking you can get something from me, cause you say we the same thang
I'm a man first, then my mother's child
Joseph Wayne McVey, then I'm H-double O-V-A
I wish I knew who your O.G. was, cause I'd smoke him
Leave both of y'all with your eyes open

My O.G. use to say
Take your time, young G
My O.G. use to say
Don't be in a rush, to get striped
My O.G. use to say
Keep your flag, on the proper side
And as long as you keep it real
You can live your life, live your life

In jail, niggas bang for soups and sodas
But when the real shit hit the real fan, they won't go in the corner
I don't even see the point, of banging on lock
Cause I don't know none of these niggas, and this ain't my block
Mr. O.G. you about to leave, please don't hand me the keys
I don't wanna be in charge of these wannabe's
I'm not a babysitter, somebody call me daddy when I'm in the world
I see more go to fo', in my lil' girl
Don't get it twisted, I see if you real B's and C's
And walk it the way they talk it, not just trying to be seen
Cool as a fan, but when it get gangsta they'll have that tool in they hand
Banging up your gang, even swell up your hand


I know I can't sell weed, cause I be smoking
I know I can't see a pimp either, because I'ma be doing too much poking
And I can't turn a hoe, into a housewife
Although I tried, guess I got caught up in them thick ass thighs
You live and you learn, sometimes my life is like a movie
Even my own loc's, trying to do me
But I said try, fucking over Joseph just ain't gon' fly
You gon' need a steak, to put over your eye that's on the H
It's death before dishonor, and I live by the code
I would do you for the slightest reason, my gun is gon' unload
So don't run up on me, talking bout a knowledge check
Nowadays wannabe Bloods and Crips, getting it off the internet
I guess you can, get the game for free
But homie, you won't get the game from me
And when I pray I pray to God, I don't bow my head to no other man
Keeping that cracking is a part of my plan, yeeeah


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