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Loner Life

Hurt, what it do?
Hzrd went crazy on that motherf*cker

You still think about me and don't like the way that I live
Still can't figure out the way my heart is
She know that I'm a problem, "He's alone and not much love, he ain't got none" (Woo-woo)
Thirty poppa came over (Woo, thirty poppa), come out the window, hangover (Woo)
Super trendy, put that shit on with no stylist, yeah, yeah
Whole lotta benjis, a hunnid bands like ten thousand, uh

She know I got that bag, I want her back (Woo)
She know I'ma stand on this shit, ok
Turn the phone off 'til my whole grind turn on
Rich and he ain't got no mind, what's wrong?
I got the money, I changed my persona
Bulletproof whip, how I'm gon' hit the corner, I'm in it (Woo, in it, I'm in it, yeah)
Standin' on top of these niggas, yeah
Momma, you got it, I did it, yeah
On top of the mountains with millions, woah (Woo)
My kids gon' have it and get it (Woo)
I just might go buy my sister a Bentley
I just might give my grandfather a ticket (Top)
She know I'm a thug nigga, I got hitters, and know I got drugs with me

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Date Added: 2022-04-19
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