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Love, Hell or Right

I am the maker, owner, cream of the planet Earth
Father of civilization, God of the universe
Love, hell or right all night
Love, hell or right all night

[Verse 1]
Me and Spinna done collab'd before
Usually gotta catch him when he's home off the tour
I wrote this on the day of knowledge build
Proving that the God's still skilled
Me and Spinna is a good combination
They give me a platform to speak to my nation
To save my generation, one by one
We can do it peaceful or gun by gun
Whenever you look into the sun, we reflect
Being that I'm civilized, I gotta stop lies
Older preachers got you looking in the skies
Empty your pocket right before your eyes
A black man dies, he returns to the essence
His physical is gone, but he lives through the lessons
Peace to the first born, could never be the worst born
We want the best part of this motherfucking Earth


[Verse 2]
The Nubians came, they said we hated white people
No, we just wanted our brothers treated equal
Now here's the sequel, two thousand twelve
Who's down, who knows how to save themselves?
Who is the mystery god? Have you seen him?
Study your math and go straight to the gym
Physical and mental; You healthy? You got dental?
Black man, raise your family with a plan
You ain't gotta raise y'all hand on the wiz
That's they shit, that's his
We still in this bitch
God rose in equality
Dean in equality
Justice for the snakes
My word is bond, and if that breaks
I don't care what money this makes
This is for the seeds
I'm here for they needs
Teach them at home
You can't control the shit, they see you when they grown


[Verse 3]
Why I'm still here with Spinna on the beat
I love to do this, plus I still gotta eat
Covered this Earth with a lot of square miles
The I self lord and master of styles
X is a reminder of the people I must save
Some of us stand, but some are still enslaved
The God is peaceful, always forgave
Before we put another in the grave, I just
Let's have a valid reason to bust
Power is the light to take us out of the darkness
Find your mind and it will spark
Mister ignorant nigga is the one that's controlled
The righteous black man is a sight to behold
I hope you got enough of my wisdom, belly be swoll
And that's right, yo

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