Babyface - Love Shoulda Brought You Home Lyrics

Love Shoulda Brought You Home

Written by babyface, daryl simmons, bo watson (1992)Performed by toni braxtonShould I even listenShould I even tryWill I just be hearing the same old linesSee it doesn't matterWhat you say this time'cause our whole relationshipIs built on one lieYou say things aren't the way they seemBut still you can't come straight with meHow can you think that you're in loveWhen you don't know the meaning ofLove shoulda brought youBrought youHome last nightYou shoulda been with meShoulda been right by my sideIf you cared anything for meThen love woulda brought youTo me last nightGotta hand it to youYou had me there for a whileI was so in love with youI couldn't see past your smileNow I smell the coffee[Love Shoulda Brought You Home lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Boy, I got a wake up callAnd it left the messageThat you just don't care at allYou can't expect me toBelieve that she doesn't mean anythingYou say that you love only meYour kinda lovin' my darlingI just don't needHookThen you woulda been sincereAnd I wouldn't be in tearsAnd love woulda brought youTo me last nightOh baby whyWhy do men think that love's just for the momentNot over timePlease tell me whyWhy should I think thatYou're gonna be sincereAre you deservin'Don't blame me ifI just don't believeI just don't believeThat you'll always be hereHook

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