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Love Song

Love Ain't Love No More

Dadaadadaaa ohhhohhhohoh
Love ain’t love no more, no more

So baby tell me what’s love
If there ain’t not a bit of trust
Baby how is we gon win
When ain’t even a friend no more
You know that this ain’t my fault
But I ain’t even mad at all
But just a little hurt
Cos I know I don’t deserve this
(How can I word this?)

You hurt, I hurt, you cry, I cry
You telling me this truth’s a lie
Means love ain’t love no more
You feel the pain, I feel the same
You telling me things ain’t the same
Yes, love ain’t love no more

Oh, how can we call this “us”
When we ain’t even making up
How can you pretend
When we don’t even touch no more?
I don’t ever want you to leave
And baby, that’s plain to see
To your love I’m addicted
I need me a fix quick
Or something gon go wrong with me


Baby, I’m looking to you
To see what we have gotta do
To fix this mess that we’ve fell in
Cos I’m not tryna hurt again
You gave the price and I’ve paid the cause
Don’t wanna risk anymore losses
I can’t afford for you to be sad
Or for you to be mad (cos we)
When you hurt…


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