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Machines (Or Back To Humans)

[Verse 1]
It's a machines world
Don't tell me I ain't got no soul
When the machines take over
It ain't no place for rock and roll

[Verse 2]
They tell me I don't care
But deep inside I'm just a man
They freeze me they burn me
They squeeze me they stress me
With smoke-blackened pistons of steel they compress me
But no-one, but no-one, but no-one can wrest me away
Back to Humans

[Verse 3]
We have no disease, no troubles of mind
No thank you please, no regard for the time
We never cry, we never retreat
We have no conception of love or defeat

[Verse 4]
What's that Machine noise
It's bytes and mega chips for tea
It's that Machine, boys
With Random Access Memory
Never worry, never mind
Not for money, not for gold

[Verse 5]
It's software it's hardware
It's heartbeat is time-share
It's midwife's a disk drive
It's sex-life is quantised
It's self-perpetuating a parahumanoidarianised

Back to Humans
Back to Humans

Back to Machines

[Verse 6]
Living in a new world
Thinking in the past
Living in a new world
How you gonna last
Machine world[?]
It's a Machine's world[?]

Back to Humans

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