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Machines / Back to Humans

It's a Machine's worldDon't tell me I ain't got no soulWhen the machines take overIt ain't no place for you and me.They tell me I don't careBut deep inside I'm just a manThey freeze me they burn meThey squeeze me they stress meWith smoke-blackened pistons of steel they compress meBut no-one, but no-one, but no-one can wrest me awayBack to Humans. We have no disease, no troubles of mind No thank you please, no regard for the time We never cry, we never retreat We have no conception of love or defeat.What's that Machine noiseIt's bytes and megachips for teaIt's that Machine, boysWith Random Access MemoryNever worry, never mindNot for money, not for gold.[Machines / Back to Humans lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]It's software it's hardwareIt's heartbeat is time-shareIt's midwife's a disk driveIt's sex-life is quantisedIt's self-perpetuating a parahumanoidarianised.Back to HumansBack to Humans. Back to Machines.Living in a new worldThinking in the pastLiving in a new worldHow you gonna lastMachine world...It's a Machine's world... Change.Back to Humans.

Date Added: 2007-06-08
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