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Make It Happen

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Woke up, fresh out of class, we with Juicy J
Young TV, new fresh shit that's rhyming in the back of L.A
I'm in my zone right now, get out of my face
I stay out of the way
Regular ride in the day
I was out here getting cake
I was outta my school, came back for few weeks
Wasn't even acting cool
I keep it 1 or 2
I gave you niggas truth
My main chick Sarah Palin, she got her business too
I'm poking holes in the bed like I'm reading Dr. Seuss
The mango with the shit, its to get yo pockets loose
My momma know I got it, I ain't never slacking
I'm perfect on my timing and I'm always bout that action
I stay feeling [?] rap shit
Its a perfect score timing that's ultimate satisfaction
She's messing with my mind, swear it gotta []
She got no respect, I'm caught up in a rap shift
I be on my rap shit
That's why I be on my pastor
Spend it for everybody, that's why I make it happen
Juicy Louis tagging
I'm Gucci get em sagging
In the city of big money, fat hoes and fashion

[Hook: Casey Veggies]
I'ma make it happen (x2)
If any means necessary
I'ma make it happen (x3)
By any means necessary

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Call 911, somebody got shot
Somebody got murked, these niggas don't stop
They don't even care no more, rich or your not
Nigga dress like other niggas, that's what its about
I call for 5 stacks, you still get jacked
You put some rims in it, you in a body bag
You have anything to do with stunting that mag
I got something for you bitches its all finna dash
Don't make me let her go
Don't make me lit her breathe
Cuz once she starts talking, she a never see
Something automatic, we gon' prepare trapping
You niggas rap about these guns, I hope you niggas packing


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