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Man Of Your Dreams

It was just in your headYou better get ready for FreddyYou thought you saw him dieBut it's you who's crucifiedSo now you'll pay for his sinsHe'll come while you sleepYou're gonna rest in peaceHe's in the mirror hanging on the wallHe'll rip out your chestYour body he'll molestThen laugh and use your bloodTo paint the wallsFirst he kils oneThen he kills twoNumber three on his list is you!He's the man of your dreamsHe lives to hear you screamThat's his satisfaction guaranteedYou thought you'd escapeYou felt that you were safeThen you felt his bladeAround your neckHe'll dice up your throatOn your blood you'll chokeNone of this Freedy Kreuger will regret
M.o.d Man Of Your Dreams

Date Added: 2007-11-26
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