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[Verse 1]

I'm restless Radio death list
Your hoe on the laundry list
Concentrate to the brain bitch
Smoke inhaled like furnace shit
Gummy bears to Jew the pain to
Salivary gland lost but I found my pineal
Dad told me fuck with white bitches like how they fuck with the linear
Drug detoxing got me looking much skinnier
Gunshot got your bitch defaced
Take a half gram dab I get fucking faced
Got my eyes looking like I got maced
Couple chocolate people where I live
Chinks the yellow French vanilla
And I'm the beaner strawberry picker
And they don't expect us to use a trigger
I bonaparte your bitch pussy after I lick her
She ride me like a wild Amazonian
The man got us spaced apart like Napoleon
Shit was better when we was kids like Nickelodeon
Spit this like a loogie
I got too much dirt to be acting bougie
Bars got my head hotter than a noogie
Don't know how to dance still show your bitch how to boogie


Then I'm found in her solace
Can't wait to see Christopher Wallace
My nigga my people are lawless
Gimme the number of that broadess
That ass got her looking like a goddess
Still grab the rubber ya boy gotta stay cautious
Run my hand up to above her bodice
This Aphrodite Finna get boned by this Adonis
Mind in a trance when I advance to her pants
Blood pressure increasing as I pull out my lance
Eyes rolling backwards bend her over in a stance
She want a breath bead dripping but she don't get a chance

Paranoia stalking
Predatory rocking
Me and your bitch thigh locking (3x)

[Verse 2]

I talk that good shit call my raps a eulogy
Cum in your bitch so I can test my buoyancy
I'm your bitch gynecologist this dick she consultin
Wetter than a spear headed dolphin
Spear headed switch blade start the robbin
Piercing like the hi hat got you in a coffin
I spit that acid that'll get you tripping
Hearse rapping put you in a coffin
I rehearse to make your mind burst
Goddamn people like me are the worst
Scatter rapping cause I got my mind cursed
Bullet shatter the cranium
Shit I can't wait to blow like uranium
Lyrics will get your face melting
Like chocolate on a summer table
I know stories about real shit so fuck a fable
I look so marvelous thinking I was wrapped in sable
When it comes to the west coast rappers I'm a staple
Sipping on something about as sweet as the maple
I'm a predator hunting the prey that is paper

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