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Marks On My Heart

[Intro: DJ Ya Boy Earl Chicken & Watermelon]
Yeah Kevin Gates man... This is my favorite song. If there's any nigga in Baton Rogue who go harder than Kevin lyrically on this song, I'll give them, uh, a pack of pickled pig feet. Ya Boy Earl Chicken & Watermelon, open yo' ears!

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
I know you're tired of the way I talk and the way we argue Painstaking - mistake we gotta' face tomorrow
But in the meantime, won't be a meantime
Cause' you left and I'm gone and he's there and I'm lonely
How you said I was mean in the simplest of things
Seeing you with him, I picture you with me
Inside of me I speak, should've never let you leave
Now the sex is even different, stressin' when I'm with her
It's hard for me to speak without messing up a sentence
At night I break her feelings with confessions in the kitchen
Emotions get retrieved, so upset it's been official
Jail time - I'm headed up the road
Seperation from the hodans and the niggas that I know
The question and the notes, Imma never let you know
From the letters that you wrote, every second of my jokes

[Hook: Kevin Gates] (2x)
Fuck love, I used to laugh at those niggas
Now I look at old pictures to recapture those feelings
Even though it's been a week, I barely get to sleep
I think where it could be, should've never let you leave

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
Deep down you know a nigga shedding tears
I'm wishing you the best and college for the year
I'm wishing you success with your modelling career
To the point of no return, I got us in the clip
[?], a problem that you feel
Take my number any time, I promise that I'm here
Instilling law, when feelings fall, we kill 'em all
It's kinda hard to stay focused on the day
With marks on my heart that will never go away
It's kinda hard to stay focused on the day
I got marks on my heart that will never go away

[Outro: DJ Ya Boy Earl Chicken & Watermelon]
Kevin Gates man, stand up! We representing, man, lyrical fools... couple of fools, man. We're just untamed gorrilas, beating up the block like block like bang bang! Chicken & Watermelon, holla' friend

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