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Master P Intro

Yeah, what's up y'all? This Master P
King of the South movie comin' real soon, but (la música de Harry Fraud)
I'm in here flexin' on purpose with my youngsta
Rich The Kid
And he flexin' on purpose
You know how we do it man, we just leave 'cause another city
We got shit like that, five gold ceilings, leave houses over there
But we got businesses, man we
Makin' paper, stackin' our bread, hustlin'
Yeah, enjoyin' life, man
But understand what investments is
Investin' in ourself, investin' in our people
Turnin' a lil' somethin' into somethin'
Young nigga shit, but big dog boss shit
You know what I'm sayin'?
Pullin' them fancy cars out, fuckin' with fly bitches
That's just flexin' on purpose
Rich The Kid, real nigga shit

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