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Matyr Of Life

You nawseate by your mediocre lifeGasping for breath like a dying childLowering your head from the heavinessof the stone that has kept you from your selfishnessYou strumble down the path of discontentClaw dirt with your trembling handsLight a cigar with a golden Zippowhile you run like hell against the gallowsGallows of God So have a cigarYou're soon going so farDrink up your wineYou'll be just fine boyYou're a matyr of lifewalking through the gallows of God[Solo: Broberg]You cause yourself to flee along the miseryPerishing in frustrations beyond infinityNumb emotions flooding through your soulDeath and freedom is your everlasting goalSo over your shoulderyou throw your heavy crossYou're a matyr of lifewalking through the gallows of God
Aurora Matyr Of Life

Date Added: 2007-12-21
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