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Mean Mug (Solo Version)

My flow sicker, your dough thick, well my dough thicker
You talk shit, I will kick your door nigga
I call my goons, my brand new chopper is coming soon
Aluminum, titanium, I'm spinning this brainium, this brainium
Hit the club, make it rain
Ball just like major pain, fall if you touch my chain
Soulja Boy I'll bust your brain
Niggas talking all that shit
Y'all niggas cannot represent
Fucking with a young ass killer, young ass gorilla nigga
Split ya, I deal with ya, figure, pick it, head 'em, get it
[?] nigga, he beat in the wrong tablet, I mastered it
Soulja tell 'em, you fast then I'm faster bitch
I'm on another level bitch you heard me say that, didn't you?
S.O.D. I never mentioned you because you not worthy
Nigga [?], shot me with the brand new camera, flashing
S.O.D. be gassing, gassing, bouncing
Putting niggas in caskets, I'm whole
I'm up smoking dope and choke off the smoke, I roll
Hit the block and I shine, hit the block and I grind
You on the same shit, the lame chips, the game bitch
With the same clips, extended it and winning, I'm getting it
S.O.D. game mentioned it on, S.O.D. game winning it
In the fucking game, nigga pass me the ball
And watch a nigga ball, I'm Gucci to the draws
Money over all, I don't really give a fuck
Tatted on my neck on throat and them girls lick me up
Man I swear I pick you off the ground
If you make a fucking sound
Disrespect my fucking crew
Bitch, is you fucking clown?
It go down when you disrespect, choppers will hit your fucking neck
Show respect for it will be the last thing you fucking say

Get the fuck back nigga, we up in the club
High as fuck, talk shit and you gon' get dropped
Mean mug, nigga you gon' mug who?
Rob me? Nigga we gon' rob you
Choppers on me, niggas we don't give a fuck
I'm in the club, nigga fuck your mean mugs
Fuck your mean mugs, nigga, fuck your mean mug
Fuck your mean mugs, nigga, fuck your mean mug

Get the fuck back nigga, S.O.D. in this bitch nigga

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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