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Miami Kid

[50 Cent]Yeah nigga! Ha haLet's go nigga, this is what it isTupac cut his head baldThen you wanna cut yo' head bald (You PUSSY Nigga!)Tupac wear a bandanaYou wan' wear a bandanaTupac put a cross on his backYou wanna put 2 crosses on yo' backNigga you ain't Tupac... THIS is Tupac![Verse One: 2Pac]They say more money and women are funny,but in this tragic endings I can make a million and still notget enough for spendin'And since my life is based on sinnin', I'm hell-boundI'd rather be buried than be worried diffrent than be held downMy game plans to be trained wellMilitary mind of a thug lord sittin' in a cemetary carI've been lost since my adolescent callin from JesusBallin' as a gangsta wonderin' if you see thisYoung black male crack sales got me three strikesLivin in jail, this is hell, enemies die,Wonder when we all pass, is anybody listenin?Got my hands on my semi-shotgun, everybody's snitchin'Please God can you understand me, bless my familyGuide us all before we fall into insanityI'm makin' a point for all my people to be warlikeBuy some shit to have you stupid bitches all tight[Chorus]Go niggas wanna get on thats rightI gots some niggas in my click that make they muthaf**kin' jaws tight nowGo niggas wanna get on thats rightI gots some niggas in my click that make they muthaf**kin' jaws tight now[Pitbull]I'm doing the impossibleI gotta big flow thats unbelievable,I'm achieving the unachievableI'm taking over like coke and baking sodaThe streets are waiting for me[Miami Kid lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]but for those who dont know me dont hate on me come on homieYa'll should know me betterdont be mad cause im a go getter from the bottom of NY to LACubans and Essays and old school ChevysBlacks and Hispanics getting money I know yall cant stand itThat's why I say f**k 'em that just gives me more reason to buck 'emIf you're felling lucky, then dog, press your luckAnd watch how quickly you get stuck I'll make sure when they hoes you downYou wont get up, Dade County back that up.For building me the way I've been built to the day I get killedI'ma get money and run through bitches like rigid stiltsChamberling emptied the chamber in in your faceand leave your brains outa placethats what happens to slow niggas that think they can live life at a fast paceto them boys on the way to Tennesse listening to MJ G breaking there verse down in EightballsBe careful with them keysDon't hesitate to squeez watch out from them feds'cause they hate ya'llBank accounts over seas when them Feds come for me all they gonna find is CDs and tapes, dogSipping hypnotic and hennessy I know ya'll envy me but l wont let my tallent go to waste, dog.[50 Cent]Now since you're cryin for mercy I promiseMy success'll be the death of youLo and behold you sold your soulNigga there's nuttin left of youLook in the mirror, ask yourself who are you?If you don't know who you are, how could your dreams come true?Motherf**ker, I sat back and watchedYou pretended to be 'Pac, you pretended to be hotBut you're not NOW!I see it so clearYou can't take the pressure, you pussyI warned you not to push meYou see me and chills run up your spineHardly even in the same war, but your heart ain't like minePress, they look at me like I'm a menaceI was playin with gunswhile your momma had your punk ass playin tennis[Chorus]

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