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Money Balls

I drive the Phantom off my lawn, my neighbors think I'm Lebron
Diamonds on my charms, white bitches on my arm
So many acres, you think that it was a farm
Goons out in front of the house with firearms
Money draws pussy, I don't need a ball of yarn
Cause these hoes know I ball like I'm Michael Jordan
Giovannas on my whip, these bitches can't ignore it
I'm like Ray J on these hoes, I fuck and record 'em
But I ain't nuttin' in em, you know they gonna keep it
I get that Becky from her face, then I go and free her
Juicy J don't have tint, he want you to see him
So many bitches on a nigga, you would think I breed 'em

[Hook x2]
We ball with the money balls, throwin' up alleys
Balls of that money, shawty come get you an alley
Then I'm poppin' bottles, you know that automatic
Ad I'm on that dynamite, blowin' up Cali

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