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Money Mane (Remix)

[Hook: Gangsta Boo] (x2)
I need a money mane (mane) (x4)
I need a nigga 'bout his business
Got money, gon' spend it
Go to sleep up in it and don't stop till he finish

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Whole box of that Bombay, fuck me and my posse
It's Juicy J, I'm a rich nigga
Ain't a lot to choose, can't copy
She came over clean and I left that bitch sloppy
High on that Actavis, a nigga, I stay glossy
Zan bars and molly, I be on designer
If you let your chick go, I swear that you won't find her
My diamonds gon' blind her, Louis V remind her
Big bags of that cash, blowing hoes who shaking ass
Everything I pay in cash, the Lambo going extra fast
And the passenger is extra bad
We flying in the whip and I'm smoking gas
That check ain't never gon' stop, that's why you extra mad

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I drop weight, that's how I get a load off
Pitbull in my passenger seat is my road dog
If your girl ride with me, she take her clothes off
I'm smoking on the strongest pack till I dose off
Me and Project Pat-ah, this the new chapter
All this fucking 'caine like a motherfucking cap-ah
And I'm from the A, I'm bout to bring it back-ah
Tip blocked the way and Ludacris is a actor
Burning like tobacco, southside trapper
Spell 'south' wit' a F, the 'F' stand for fuck-ah
And you know I did it, I do it, like, daily
Fuck wit' me, I'll show you how to turn a brick into a Bentley
Money, money man, ten hundred grand
Nigga, that's a mil, that pussy deep, quicksand (deep)
All up in that thang like "you it" when I do it
Chain so dumb, got yo' nigga looking stupid


[Verse 3: Lola Monroe]
Why y'all niggas be loafing? Fuck is up with that bread?
I ain't the type to be open, 'less you talking that head
Pounds up in that trash bag, bricks up in that MCM
I ain't tripping off no bitch, straight life for it is 10 PM
Stick his tongue inside the box while he chop a eighth down
Fuck him, fuck him, knock him out in the eighth round
All white Lambi, call that bitch albino
I know, I know, it get wetter than a wino

[Verse 4: Project Pat]
I'm that nigga that ya looking for, clean, ho, forget the toes
Chandeliers in my ears and a pocket full of dough
Polo boots, Polo shirt, in demand like some purp
Ain't gon' bust a nut, baby girl, till that coochie squirt
All night on them pills, blowing weed, popping bottles
Pouring rosé in your cup, baby, gon' take a swallow
I buy these hoes nice things, cooking candy rings
I sell 'em good dreams while they eating ding-a-ling

[Hook] (x2)

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