Don Trip - Monster Lyrics


Tool on deck, fucker why would I lie about it?
Paper over pussy, I abide by it
Me and B and yo bitch in the wide body
Paint like spilled milk, but why cry about it?
Mr. Trip, 2 clips, you know why I got it
And being caught without it, is quite psychotic
I know my flow so diabolic
Fly like Batman now wave bye to Robin
I’m on my way to see the wizard
I bought a couple bricks and you could call me Bob the Builder
Ballin’ Like a bitch, no disrespect to Cheryl Miller
5 more boats(?) sold to the highest bidder
Yeah I’m King Kong I know I seem much bigger
To me a crocodile is just a ordinary lizard
Eastside G, I’m not your ordinary nigga
Nothin’ on my wrist, just a ordinary blizzard
And if they catch the little crook,
Fuck a jail sentence shorty I might get the book
I can’t stop, I’m on top like your roof
And I ain’t fallin’ off no matter how hard you push
I’m in this bitch like a douche
We out trying to eat and we don’t even know the cook
Take your baby momma, love to slurp me like a slush
Ask her about her actions, bet she blame it on the kush
I’m hotter than them all, all I do is ball
Fuck them other rappers because all they do is talk
And all I talk is money, so aint nothin’ free of charge,
Except this youtube shit, but I do this for yall
I do it for my niggas doin’ digits behind bars
Only gettin’ fly, watch how quick I find Mars
To you, she’s a dime, but to me she’s just a broad
To you it’s called a Benz, to me it’s called a car
Fresh out of the gun shop, on my grizzy non-stop
All that ice, plus a pistol, I must be a bomb pop
Suck me like a bomb pop
My necklace is a cumquat, all I sell is greens
Pinky fingers like gum drops
Food for thought, my nigga I heard you were starving
Well this little hog is on his way to the market
Lemon for the handgun, banana for the carbon
So reach for my shit and watch how quick you become a target


Date Added: 2011-11-03
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