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Hey! Yeah, I turn the club to a movie
Hey, turn the club to a movie, movie
Its a movie, its a movie
Soul, its a movie!

I got all the bandz
I got all the bandz
I got all the bandz
Hey, hey drop my top ball, now the nigga man
Hey, round, round town, and I got that bad
Hey, ride in that jet that you never had
Hey, dripping all the swag Soulija Boy partakes.
Hey, M16 with my rotten jean
Ride round town feeling like a king
Hey, ride round town, feeling like a king
Run upon me, go and put, its not a thing
Hey, big M16 rock you off your jeans!

Hey! Ya not killing this shit, man
King Soulija 3, out now!
This is some brand new shit, man!
Cause Im turned up
And yall know whats going on!

Turn the club to a movie
Run around LA with that fucking Uzy
Hey, all em out the gate, tell them nigga sue me
Hey, Ill be getting money, Ill be flexing
Human Link that be my trusted actor
Whipping off the dudes, why she saw my dick?
Hey, run round town feeling like the shit!
Hey! A hundred K on your doing hit
Hey, Ill be flexing hard, Ill be here...
Hey, drop top, Lamborghini in my garage
Hey, Ill be grinding hard, all the hoes on me
Hey, rich game, PTE and SOD
Hey, bitches on my cock cause Im getting guap
Hey, .. I love the shot!
Hey, if you ditch me, Ill shoot off the top
Hey, Lamborghini and I drop the top
Hey, running round town cooking in the pot
Hey, word round town Soulija Boy, youre hot!
Hey, trying to get all in my spot
Word round town, bitch, I sit on top!

Yeah, Ive been killing this shit for a long time, man!
Rich game, Im here in the motherfucking building
Yall know the fuck wanna go down my...
Trap! Hey!

Scarface mansion and Madonnas dancing
Hey, condo in LA, mansion in the Hamptons
Hey, run upon me on, then you know I blame him
Ill be so iced out, theyll be like ...
Hey, chain on my neck, I aint seen my...
Hey, had no magic, make him disappear
Hey, Ill be blowing dough out that atmosphere
Hey, Soulija Boy by hard at the ...

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