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Movin Mountains

One, Two, Three, L.O.V.E It's like whatever I do... ( Ohhh Ohhh ) Just can't get through to you... ( Ohhh Ohhh ) I Never gonna tell you nothing wrong...Listen...Verse 1Now, now she love me, shawty I love herUsed to jump up in the maybach and roll outUsed to care, she used to shareThe love that she used to give me can't be foundI lost my way, she said she'd stayAnd lately I've been sleeping with a ghostMy stock is down and out, I used to be worth my weight in gold.That was before the great depression kicked in and rocked usAnd that was before the hurricane came in and stopped us.I told you to leave, but you lied to meWhen you said that, baby no worries I promise to get us backChorusI know sorries, just wouldn't do it,My heart is obliterated, I'm trying to travel throughBut it's like moving mountains...It's like moving mountains... ( Hey... ) But I keep climbing and hoping things would changeThen the sky turns grey, and the water from the rain, washes progress awayIt's like moving mountains...[Movin Mountains lyrics on]It's like moving mountains...Why you just leave meJust leave me beJust leave meJust leave me beWhy you just leave meJust leave me beWhy you just leave meJust leave me be oh oh ohhVerse 2She, She don't touch me, I don't touch herWe don't really ever say a wordI really wanna give her everything she deservesBut the fact the way the girl (not sure about this line)She thinks that I'm full of it, argumentsAlways pissed, man I'm tiredEvery kiss, that I miss, girl you know I'm tryingYou never believe when I say And I never believe it when you sayI love you, and I shouldn't complain about itI should take it like a man and walk up out itCuz we will never be the sameI've been standing in gas and you have been the flameChrous x2

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