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To all the DJ’s out there I appreciate the loveLet’s show ‘em why Pitbull one of the rawest (Mr. 305)I’m one of the best, one of the rawestNah I ain’t perfect but bitch I’m flawlessNah I ain’t stupid but the flow is retardedBarely made high school, the streets was my collegeRappin here for years, workin and grindinOn the streets if you copped it, I supplied itI’ve worked everything, every drug you name it[Mr305 lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]I’ve seen families get tied up for missin paymentsKeep thinking that this thing is just entertainmentDisrepect, get introduced to the pavementCatch me somewhere on the islands of CaymenMe, I see the future, ya’ll boys cavemenNow it’s cartoons and tv showsFirst album gold, remix did fo, El Mariel in storesI hustle (I hustle), I grind (I grind),That’s why they call me Mr. 305

Date Added: 2008-03-24
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