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My Destiny

Everybody told me walk away
It isn't worth the fight
Don't make waves and don't look back
And you'll be fine, yeah, right

Turns out that's not who I am
Or who I want to be
So I'm gonna try to simplify
And be the perfectly imperfect me

I'm flying blind, but I know I'll find my destiny
I'm ready to do whatever it takes, my destiny
And I'm not afraid of making mistakes
It might not be smart to lead with my heart
But that's how it's gonna be
No dream too small
Giving it my all
That's my destiny

Every day's a crazy ride
But I'll stay strong because I

I decide my destiny
Facing a long and difficult climb, my destiny
Learning to trust the mysteries of time
There's not much of a plot, so like it or not
Gonna have to wait and see
I'll rise, I'll fall
And heed the call
That's my destiny

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