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My Father

(Verse 1)

Tell me where it is I'm supposed to be
Tell me what it is I'm supposed to see
My dad, my pops, the big man, my own buddy
Me callin' you that is kinda funny
Where were you at when I was Twelve
Always wanted to go straight to hell
Or back when I was in the 10th grade
The first time I stepped out of my shell
I've always flipped ever since then
The predicament we in don't even make no sense
It's just like a nigga who would try to bomb
Why can't you just send us back to my mom
You are lucky enough to even know my name
Sittin' here lettin' grandma take the blame
That is why she's so fucked up now
And now this family will never be the same
I used to look up to you as a role model
Sorta like Lil' Wayne and Birdman when they pop bottles
Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror disqusted at how you look well I do
I look at myself and I think "How Retarded"
Because of my decision and the shit that I started
Talk about "Man there's a lot of consequences"
Thinkin' it was too easy like the way I hop fences
Well did you snickle when you found out you were violent
Oh you didn't figure it out yet well I did

(Verse 2)

How can you do this to your own flesh and blood
I feel like the singers from the Puddle Of Mudd
I guess me and Marshall aren't all that different
Because all of our respect for our fathers have stiffened
I bet there's a lot of things about me you don't understand
Like the fact that I am called Mr. Random Man
You go around people sayin' "Oh Keanu's good"
When you say I don't listen while we in the hood
This city we in you need to get us outta here
Put us in a better environment
You ain't no father about the things that you do
My stepfather to me is a better father than you
What's the matter won't take a dip of mom's curry
If you hadn't cheated and transmitted you wouldn't need to worry
Prick, you fuckin' cunt, asshole, slut, fuckin' manwhore
I bet you didn't even know what you were almost poisoned for

(Verse 3)

What's the matter you mad that I moved out
That's because of the words you began to shout
I guess it was time to move to a better place
You shoulda thought about that when youu cursed in my face
Let me educate you with something I couldn't say before
Now I can do a lot of things you can't yell about anymore
I feel like the guy on Never Back Down the night when his brother died
Lookin' in the mirror feelin' disgusted all inside
I'm afraid of when I have kids of what I'm gonna do
I'm disgusted at you, your thoughts, and what you did
Unlike you I look forward to one day havin' a kid
You say just 'cause I'm your son you love me
Hahaha nice joke, but your lies a lil' bit runny
I'm 18 and you think 'cause your above me you run me
Again I gotta admit that, that was really funny

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