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Racial Arrest

(Verse 1)
Racial, Racial
Skinny, hairy man with a dark facial
Claustrophobic gettin' a little spacial
My hungry fist eatin' their face whole
People's respect for me is gettin' real slim
I bet I feel like Grendel when they speared him
People all around givin' their smart dis
Now my mind is all up in the darkness
January starts a whole new year
When the racism is all you hear
Walkin' down the street sayin'
"Yeah, this is my day"
When the police arrest you
'Cause you're black on a friday
Lookin' for someone
Just to put the accuse on
You're walkin' with an afro
And a pair of black shoes on
"Listen! Listen!
I'm not the criminal"
They say "We arrest you
'Cause you look like the original
You say "Whoa! Whoa!
I don't have an afro
I'm just a black man
Lookin' for the bathroom
They hit you and say
"You're nothin' but grime and spit"
And then they tell you
"Shut up ya stupid convict"
You're just a student
In the 12th Grade
They drag you around
As if you were just made
The fact that you were accused
Makes you really upset
The crime was 7 in the mornin'
I wasn't even up yet"

(Verse 2)
They throw you in the car
And they drive you off to jail
You're tryin' to fight them off
And they throw you in a cell
They say to the chief
There's the Nigga right there
Sittin' in that chair
With black and brown hair
It seems like it's the devil
That they worship
It feels like a large fork
The way the words hit
Now I feel even lower
Than I was before
Now I feel like a flag
That's been burned to the floor
I know the criminal
Couldn't of gone this far
He probably stole a bag of chips
From Kmart
I peeked my ear out the cell
Just to hear them talk
I could tell the chief was glad
By the way that he walked
"We finally caught him
Stealin' gum from the candy store
Now I feel as bad as a burnin' flag
And more
They base their observation
On the wrong description
There's evidence missin'
But nobody will listen
He found an ID on me
And thought that it was mine
When I told him that it's not
He threatened to shoot me in the spine
He thought that I was lyin'
Said he'd make my legs go numb
I told him "just check me
And see if I have the gum"
He pissed me off more
Further in the conversation
He based his observation
On the wrong piece of information
When I explained myself
He had to let me go
Because what the witness told
I've never been to the candy store

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