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My Homeboys (Back To Back)

[Intro; Kurupt]
You know what I'm saying?
There's a lot of things going on
You know, you've got to stay strong, you've got to be right!
Keep your mind right, you know what I'm saying Eastwood?
Don't play too many games, you know it's like a generation gap
There's a lot of things going on, you've got to keep your head right
That's what Pac used to tell us, you've got to think towards the future
That's what Pac used to tell us,You know what I mean Eastwood?
If Pac was here you know what he'd say?

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
I ain't shit without my own home-boys
Rather be buried, than see us parted
Keep it close to my heart, because we're the ones that got this shit started!
You recollect we used to bust on snitches
Nobody comes before my niggers, fuck all you bitches!
All my homeboys are self-sufficient
So be suspicious of your scandalous tricks
Got the police taking our pictures!
Love to hang out on the corner, but we known to ride
Me and my motherfucking homeboys down to die
For each other, because we're closer than brothers
It's like you came in, not forgetting the party popping
When my squad walks in
Throw up your hands baby, buy me a drink, stop acting phony
Don't forget to bring something for all my homies
To know me is to love a thug nigga to the fullest, ducking bullets
Snatching guns when these trick niggers pull it
Handle my business like a professional, the whole world knows me
But I ain't shit without my homies
Me and my fucking homies

[Chorus: Kurupt, Eastwood]
Back to back, together forever we're staying
And if you're there for your homies, let me see your hands!
Two steps with me, left to right
Me and my homies keep it popping all night!
Back to back, together forever we're staying
And if you're there for your homies, let me see your hands!
Two steps with me, left to right
Me and my homies keep it popping all night!

[Verse 2: Eastwood]
Well, I [?] when I bang with the row
To the [?] rolling the Gestapo!
I'm a self made rider, a mini
Catch us hanging at your local club, plugged out, guzzling [?]
I'm the reason why your keys don't work
Most of you are cowards and, when it comes to hammers, you can't work the jerk!
I'm in the front line with the homies, and I ain't gonna' lie, it keeps it real!
I'm pushing big body Benz on them big boy rims!
We're fifty deep, and SUV's full of ammo
We're death from[?], call us the Rogue Sopranos!
We keep it packing
What's happening?
We've got them chrome toys
Me and my homies got a force that you can't ignore!
Slip me the 9, I'm ready to ride for my homeboys
We're Death Row, let's do or die, with my homeboys!
[?] until my soul is free
I'ma smash for the homies, hope they smash for me!

[Verse 3: Kurupt]
Yeah finally, a record with Pac, and a real one!
That he really rolled with, from here to the Brazilians
I'll leave you soaking wet
I have a [?] on my homicidal turret
The line gets pushed 'till [?]
Or fall, lose your life, sight and all your breath!
To all you busters all across the globe
Kick back and let the real ones roll!
I've got a military mind frame, I've got a military artillery mind frame
I'm about to show you how real hood ride, man!
Switch it in and out, go for the second lane
Me and my homeboys do so many different things
Some of them pimp, and some gang bang
We keep it chill, no matter what, I thought you knew about us!
Me and all the homies, y'all can't live without us!

[Chorus: Kurupt, Eastwood]

[Verse 4:Kurupt]
From the real hood, to the streets, Pac, Gotti and Eastwood, let's just rack it all up
Let's see who's the best, come to my [?]
Ride all busters, and accept nothing else
And smother all y'all, like as if Pac never left!
I can see you in disguise,when I look in your eyes
If Pac were alive, half of y'all would be dead!

[Chorus: Kurupt, Eastwood]

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