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My Mama Say

Playboy on this bitch, but he ain`t playing tho`

My mama say the streets ain`t for meMy only choice to slang iron
Niggas keep trying, had to show `em they can`t touch me
These niggas steady keep dying (Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)

That nigga dead and you can`t bring `em back from talking, nigga
Let shots off at your head, you end up dead, I up that .40, nigga
Bitch I`m rich as fuck and that`s a must, I`m gone kill all them niggas
They know that I`m thugging til they put me in a coffin, nigga
Hundred rounds on that Draco (B-r-r-r-ap)
I up that pump, I blow that bitch, knock off your front door
(Buck, buck, buck)
NBA gang, solar eclipse, I be at Huncho, that 4KTrey
I shoot that stick like Rajon Rondo (Rajon Rando)
Diamonds on my neck, they shining hard, I spent a bank on it
Take it, bet I bust yo` fuckin` head, I bet my ring on it
Posted in that North, that`s what we bang and I`ma stand on it
These niggas bitches, real killer, they know I ain`t never ran from it
Since I came out they know I never gave a fuck what they say
Catch that lil` boy who been dissing, shoot that bitch in his face
Wet up the block and kill the business, bitch I`m straight out the A
Them scary bitches know who with it
Double G spin every day

My mama say the streets ain`t for me
My only choice to slang iron
Niggas keep trying, had to show them they can`t touch me
These niggas steady keep dying

Roll up the purp`, light up the blunt, and smoke the block out (Buck)
I run with some steppers, convicted felons, plus they dropouts (Buck)
I drop down 11 and shoot the texts once he knocked out (Buck)
I step by Boozilla, my nigga told `em like "Not my dawg"
I wit` some juveniles, they doped up
Lil D ain`t never fold up (Yup)
So when he come home the rest of them niggas they know what`s up
Them niggas ain`t gon` fuck with us, bitch name a nigga play wit` us
Big E and Q, they stay with us, you know we kept them K`s with us

Nigga I`ll bust his fucking head, see his brain cells
Who say they on that gang trail?
I`m posted in that North, where it ain`t safe, they never came here
Pull up leave a stain in front yo` main crib
I swear we slanging .9, for real
They play, these niggas dying, for real
I never waste no time, for real

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