Babyface - My Name is Not Susan Lyrics

My Name is Not Susan

Written by eric foster white (1990)Performed by whitney houstonOne night not long agoI fell for youToo easy to let goShe was one from your pastOne of the fewYou said it didn't lastNow romeo you know I can't believeYour tongue would slip so easilyI know you think I oughta let it beBut get it right next timeThat's the end of meMy name is not susanSo watch what you sayIf you still need herThen be on your wayDon't wanna hear about susanShe got nothin' on meSo show some respectFor the love you receiveGet it rightLast night you were asleep[My Name is Not Susan lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Deep in a dreamI heard you call her nameThen you turned to embraceI froze in placeNever to be the sameNow romeo you know I never knewMy heart would bust so easilyI know you think I oughta let it goBut get it right next timeSay good-bye to me boyHookI never wanna be the girlyThat you call one and onlyYou know the kind of girlyThat you would call when you get lonelyI never should have let you inA damn shameForgot my nameWell anywayHookDon't wanna hear about susanHook 3 times

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