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My Niggaz

My niggas...
Wherever I go, they goin' go
My niggas...
If a hater get wrong, we goin' beat that boy

[Verse 1:]
Ski mask, black clothes is the work suit
40 Glocks, AKs is the work tools
Niggas slick dissin' hating, really wanna be me
Cuz I'm the realest in the game, bitch come see me
You niggas kills me on the "powder get you hyper,"
You drink that liquor then turn into the ultimate fighter
I got some young niggas that'll bend your fucking brains in
Some stupid dumb nigga wild'n out the frame man
I'm at the club with my thugs doing a rain dance
We throw up signs in the air, cuz it's gangland
We in the V.I.P. vodka drankin'
Diamonds shining eyes blinding big ring-n


[Verse 2:]
I bought a old school and put brains on the bitch
? thangs on the bitch
Nigga I'm the man, I'm the same with the whips
Your baby mama love me, she go ham on the dick
You better play dead when I send out the hit
You said you dope dealing, let's go half on a brick
A large amount of beans and a pound of the mint
A small trap house where I sell all the shit
I know what it feel like broke in the slum
Hustle til I die, I'm gonna grind til I'm done
A real hood nigga I'm gonna shine like the sun
A champ with the work, I'll sell you a crumb
A hot flatscreen and a whole lot of guns
A fine triple bitch for a whole lot of fun
Some fishscale coke you can test with your tongue
Niggas always saying, "oh shit, it's the bomb."
Still throwing sets up in the club, cracking dome-ahs
Nigga I'm a vet to the shit we be known for
Rollin on some X my nig, I'm a stoner
I keep a rusty Tech that'll keep you in a coma


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