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Myned Complex

[Verse 1]

Something I'm not used too
Emotion spilling is spine chillin
Had more than two fathers
Double the abandonment how you think I'm feeling
Could've had a little sibling but he didn't have enough cream filling
I wouldn't of been that much of a loner shit
Age 12 dealing with boners
Mind never been in the school zone
Prefer being in my room alone
Real father left me for opportunity
Having a dad now is kind of new to me
He can't even remember my age
Just how much the state chargin him
Now to turn the burnt page
Why you think I been lethargic
If it isn't family I became a miscreant
When I comes to spicks I'm a different variant


Got my mind complex
Downing some more Percocets
Fake niggas throwing up fake sets
On my knees crapping on the bets
Intertwined with this emotion
Watch who you quotin
Mind so bright you need the lotion
Shit we only a mile from the ocean
My nigga sip on this potion

[Verse 2]

Telling myself they thought that they knew you
They all friends until they think to sue you
Y'all ain't real ones fugazi like the fubu
Fake niggas be too beau coup
Y'all need to stop sippin the goose goose
Ya mouths just get really loose loose
Power or shame y'all need to choose choose
Shots at me have no fucking use use
Pills and the reefer got me feeling the dopiates
Got copious amounts of drugs
Hugs, nugs but baby take off them uggs
They be like why you so serious
Laugh when I'm alone thinking I'm delirious
Face as straight as Ye think I'm so imperious
I don't fuck with imperials what I preach
I don't fuck with you if yous a leach
I don't need a filter to know you're a bitch
I fuck with symmetry so why you think I want a model bitch
I have better things to do than popping bottles bitch


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