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[Verse 1]
Face down
I get excited when you come around
Get caught up on tryna pin you down
Your fingers 'round my neck, they're feeling soft now
Love me now
You know I'm better when you come around
I can't control it when I'm feeling low
I can love her in my dream now
And you're popping in the downtown

Ooh-ooh, wanted you back and then I needed your touch
Traded me in for the kid in your class
I could be better, then I wanna collapse
Wanted you back, but babe, I won't do that
I know it's painful to approach it like that
Calling me yesterday and I wanted to cry
Never knew that way was the best bit of learning
Wanted you back but babe, | won't do that

[Verse 2]
Night sweats
You put my self-control to the test
Thought that loving would be effortless
Now I'm catching my breath and I must confess
I'm staying up
My head is tired from the weight of

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