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No.1 Fan

[LL Cool J:] Uhh, yeah (si papi.. uhh, uh-huh) Uh-huh (I see you papi, si) I was in Madrid yo Had this hot club shootin my video They was burnin up the floor to that reggaeton Start to bailando soon as they put the record on I was sweatin like a bullfighting matador It was the sexiest scene that I ever saw (La fiesta, tu mi a fuego) But I was still cool in my light blue Kangol I met this girl, she was off the chain yo Cooley head model from San Diego Father was from Trinidad, Tobago Mother was from Rio, de Janeiro She said please don't think I'm crazy But I've been in love with you since the 80's {?} cansando baby Have you ever been with a latin lady [Chorus:] Uhh, she said there's one thing you should know (Just here to find to numero uno) Uh-huh (and I'll do anything to prove it) (If I can get wit'cha) Uhh, she said there's one thing you should know (Just here to find to numero uno) Uh-huh (and it's on, one shot will do it) (If I can get wit'cha) [LL Cool J:] She said I wanna get wit'cha I'm talkin more than an autograph and picture (Tu quiere, benita mi casa) [No.1 Fan lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]I mumbled to myself, she's a monster She said (yo no se lo que no habla) Don't worry 'bout it lil' mama nada The chemistry and energy was gettin hotter This ain't like me but I feel like I gotta She started movin near me Whispered in my ear so I could hear more clearly Said grab my waist and look in the mirror Then started windin it like Shakira All that shakin and belly dancin I was goin under, I ain't stand a chance man If I do this, will I love it or regret it Tempted and I don't know where this is headed [Chorus] [LL Cool J:] (Wit'cha, wit'cha) Uhh (uhh) Yeah (si papi, uhh) (If I can get wit'cha) (Si papi, si) Uh-huh (Papi) If I can't get wit'cha Then she kept beggin sayin let's go Pullin on my arm, wouldn't let go Rubbin my face, kissin my neck slow When we do it say hablando como {?} She said (ooh papi te quiero mucho) (I love you better than any woman you know) Just then my lady hit my cell phone I'll let y'all figure out the rest yo [Chorus]

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