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No Hook

Soulja boy on the beat, soulja, yeah
No hook man, soulja bot on the beat, squad

Made 100k in a week, soulja get money in his sleep, turn up
Buy a qp, a qp, pull up

Us stayin high like who are we? Drink up
Rich gang soulja boy, yeah I be count stacks
Pull up in that Bentley, yeah black on black
Flexin in that jaguar, flexin in that fast car
Going so fast like a nascar
Out of space swagger, came with that raff pyr and polo
Riding round the city I be solo, soulja
Sippin on that lean and it got me moving slow mo
Riding through the hood and you know I get the dolo
Boys will kick your door door for the lolo and the 44's
Soulja get the dolo, soulja get the kush mon
Guapaholic shawty, yellow diamond pull up in a rarri
Pull up to the party with them bottles of bacardi
Turnt up to the max, turnt up to the max
Walk inside the club, I don't know how to act
Rich game, stacks on deck, money gang
Versace in my rang, hermans in my chain
Gold chain gold rang, I'm in love with designer
Riding through the city, nigga you can find us
Sippin on that syrup, smoking on that herb
Sod black rose piff 100 on the courts, soulja
Pull up and I'm bustin all these bricks about to wrap
Ak 47 in the case I have to blast
Sod gang, getting cash like the '
Beat the cake and you make, whip a brick in your face
Riding through the hood, west side zone 1
Let's get that understood, soulja
Sip some rose, my projects, that's why I grew up
Riding through the city and I flexin by 2 oh, soulja
Guap out the roof, soulja, drop the Bentley cooper, splash
Soulja got the juice, squad, plugs are right now, 50 bricks in the roof
Young soulja boy cash out, I'ma ball
50 on my name, 10 in the wall
Gucci on my draws, all the bad bitches staring at lil dre
Riding through the hood, I put that lambo in they face
Word through the city soulja been getting cake, mula
Slick rip the ruler, shout out to my jeweler, turn up
Bitch I be deeper than a scuba
Riding with that ruger, young ass bizzy, it's dre, it's soulja
Jet black Mercedes, driving like I'm crazy.

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