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No Joke Bitch

Uh, How you do that? Magic Bitch.

Soulja I'm the hottest rapper on the fuckin' mic
Every time I hit the club I breathe dollar by five freaks
I'm the hottest nigga spittin' on this fuckin' microphone
On the fuckin' internet, where's my mothafuckin' thrownnn?

Soulja tell em' I'm on fire
When I hit the blueberry purp I get higher,
Man I'm Soulja,
All you old lamer weak ass niggas ran over em' with a rover
Oof, what I told ya
Hot bitch yes south straight I'm south palola
East side, West side, bitch they representin' it
North side, South side,
Drink the fuckin' bottle till' the whole shit out
My, damn my, I'm so damn outer space
I'm soulja tell em' bitch
Sitting next to the race

But I'm not running shit
Sit back in the cut, with a million bitch
Soulja I'm the shit
Nigga tell me how you feel Fuck

I'm the Hottest rapper Spittin' Bitch
I'm the Hottest rapper Spittin' Bitch
You see me on TV BT and MTV
The hottest nigga, livin'
All you bitches rest in peace
Soulja I'm the shit
Smoke blowberry till' the head twitter king bitch 1.7 million in
Yeah I'm a admit, I crown me a sayin in,
And you can't say it in, sayin it like you drownin man
Soulja I'm the shit,
You've found me upon a mountain man,
If they gave me a waterfountain I can flow so hard

Soulja I'm the shit, and I'm spittin' on the boulevard
Shittin' on the boulevard,
All you chinese boulapart
Soulja I'm the shit,
Corvette no sir, lamborghini, bitch
/>White bently, cocaine color as my wrist
Same color as my bitch
Soulja he's the shit
All over brazil
Tell me how you feel
Tell me how I'm livin',
I'm the hottest nigga livin',
I'm the hottest nigga spittin', Bam

I'm the Hottest rapper out Bitch
I'm the Hottest rapper out Bitch, What's the deal?

Tell me what it is,
I'm Soulja bitch priss grips,
Share for soulja pills
Soulja he's the shit, yeah, And you already know
Put up on the scene with a 155 goons
How the fuck you do that?
The MySpace king
Put me on the thrown, bitch I run the internet
I am the bitch nigga, now you a bitch nigga
I am the rich nigga, you are the bitch nigga
Yeah I can deal with yah
I can feel what yah sayin'
Now I can feel whatcha sayin'
I just feel what you layin' on the dirt bitch
Cause I don't work bitch
Soulja I'm the shit
For, What the fuck I talk for,

What the fuck you rap for?
What the fuck you act for?
This is not a movie
And you are not winnin' shit
Soulja I'm the shit, ten four bitch
Smoke on choke bitch, Don't choke bitch
No joke bitch.

I'm the hottest rapper out bitch
I'm the hottest rapper out bitch
I'm the hottest rapper out bitch
I'm so fuckin' turned up bitch

Date Added: 2009-11-01
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