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No More Words

After the Havoc that I am going to leave
No more words will have critics have to speak

[Verse 1]
Sing me a swan song, I'm goin punk John Rotten
Over Cuomo, Malcolm, Duck Rock, G.G. Allin
Suicide, tenth month
Trick or treat, who are you supposed to be... son?
Who, me? ... Never
Sorry Mike Cera but skills aren't there a-
-pparently geek but the speech be terror
Jones, the man in the mirror
Die with the king like pharaoh, too soon? Never-
-mind, the brolics, McLaren
No not again, is he gon' ever fall off?
No... next question
No resurrection, a rose on his necktie
Elevator up, tell Orville I said hi, bye
Waving, cane on
Looking up up and away with my cape off


[Verse 2]
Sing me a swan song, Gandolfini
Don't stop believing, black screen me
Series finale, Jimmy go bye bye
Don't cry for me Madonna, I'm fine
It's another Sunday morning like a Lionel hit
Another 15 minutes in my biopic
Joachim, give those whiskers a tiny trim
Put this took on, and start rhymin in a higher pitch
Tell Affleck it's time to film
We only got one take, roll sound
I'm drownin in a river outside of the Viper
While fleein Winona Ryder's ex
Sing about Stipe, like, whichever Phoenix you're a fan of
Wolfgang, rock me Amadeus
Decisive, swan song, sing one
I'm tired, time to go to bed
Brian Wilson


I've seen a lot of valleys
I've seen a lot of peaks
I've seen the bitter with the sweet
Victory and defeat
Sometimes I fell
But a voice kept sayin "Son"

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