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No Pad No Pen

Soulija Boy on the beat
Gucci this, Versace that,
I'mma take some real shit, boy!
Gucci this and Polo that
Louis this got racks on racks

Stacks on stacks got '
Kinfg movie, king Soulja, the mix-tape
King Soulja and his bitch
No pad, no pen!
Soulija Boy on the beat!
I've been getting money, money, alright!
Uh, yeah!

Diamonds on my neck, chain yeah, it glisten (let's go!)
Bitch nigga be hating, all these niggas tripping (fuck!)
Flexing through the club, and you know I got my pills
And a Rolex on my wrist and that shit is presidential!
And that shit is so official, and I stash on deck money game
Taking on over shit, damn, bitch boy I bust your way!
Young Soulja boy claiming rich games
Roll off in a Ferrari or a Rover Range
That foreign bitch boy, I get pounced, I get .. damn!
I get' I got blocks, nigga always (turn on!)
Hit the town, spray the hood, nigga, who is he, huh?
Won't be for me, get his ass RIP (what?)
Young Drey, keep all this fucking gun smoking
Soulja, young Soulja, keep all these fucking fresh close
What? Young Drey got a whole lot of bad hoes
Drey, I've been smoking Kush, we're coming by the Os
Uh' down, running through a quick (alright!)
Everybody know that I'm hood rich!
When I flex ten chains, call me eight bricks, bang
Item so'to this
Soulja young boy, bitch, stay out the trap
'zone one, with that pistol in my lap
Uh, I've been getting money, and I've been seeing cash
All this money in my pocket, I'm about to make it splash!
Jordons on my feet, I'm clean as I could be
Smoking on that Kush and I think it's OG!
Damn! Rest in peace till all my niggas dead and gone (gone)
Sipping only' Kush is my cologne
I've been going' I've been going fair
'damn, can't'
Soulija Drey got a'
Sushi, juice with'
Coming through the hood, and they know a nigga pay
Paid before, just look at my jewels!
Pinky ring ice chain, who is him?
CO, SOD, flexing through that zone one, from PTE to Zone 3.
They fuck with me!
Kicking shit the long way
Double packing sex, racks on racks, blow this grown away!
Young Drey I fuck with SOD the long way
We'll be getting cash all night and all damn day!

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