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Nunya (None Of Ya Business)

Uh huh
DJ Premier, the legendary
The Works of Mart
The Yardfather is here
I feel like I need to address some shit, know what I'm saying?
I feel like they prying man

It's nunya business
Why I be drinking all this Guinness
It's nunya business, it's nunya business
Who the other mothers of my kids is
Nunya business, it's nunya business
All the homicides I done witnessed
It's nunya business, it's nunya business
Nunya business, it's nunya business
It's nunya business

[Verse 1]
Weed give me ADD but I still smoke it
These bitches be licking my chicken but I still choke it
Would I be the new Chief if I kill Keef?
Am I the only one on Love & Hip Hop with my real teeth?
The only one that probably been in some real beef
You swear to your veneers, I knock em out real brief
So nice I feel I should shout out Lil Cease
On every one of my joints like I'm B-I-G's up
Ho sit yo ass down
I'm still out here shooting, you been spent your last round
The way that I'm moving they're saying get your cash now
Already been proven I'm a skitzo, just ask around
Acting like you know me, how? I get scared
The only shit you gon hear is pow pow pow
I'm Spring Valley smart, Newburgh tough
Brownsville crazy, and that should be enough


[Verse 2]
When it's time for me to say sayonara
Y'all gon be saying that Sai a martyr
And that I'm a lyrical fire starter
Yeah, I kinda sorta be lying on my dick
Cause it's a lot of chicks that I hit I will not admit
I notice a lot of y'all be popping a lot of shit
Should be minding your business but vying to do the opposite
They even lied and said Giddy man was a titty man
When I don't even want more than what could fit in my hand
Damn, Can I Live like Jigga said?
Can y'all prevent me from going upside this nigga head?
They say you do a reality show, your stock just fall
I'm just glad it was Love & Hip Hop, not Lockup Raw
Three baby moms, trying to knock up more
Cause it's some forces in the world trying to knock us all
I'm Los Angeles smart, New Orleans tough
Chitown crazy, and that should be enough


[Verse 3]
What type of asshole go and start trouble with a gangsta?
2003, we woulda called you a wanksta
You go to the dealership but you don't never cop nothing
You been hustling a long time? No, stop fronting
Nigga, you never sold coke in your life
You sold crack, you was moving them little packs to get your motorbike
But when you rapping, you the crack slinging prototype
I sold more, matter fact...


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