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There lie the poor who dream of having enough for todayThe rich control the government while the gangs control the streetsIt`s hand against the sword till the strong take out the weakIt`s all a competition to see who will get the bigger biteMen driven by obsessions , the more they get the more they wantTo have it all, they gotta see they`re plagues upon the wallBlinding obsessionsBlinding obsessionsYou gave up all your rights as you turnde to the needleAnd now you`ve gone so fat, there is no turning backDo what it takes, you`ve gotta have it allThere`s something in your blood that pulls the numberMakes a call, it doesn`t really matter if you lose it allJust as long as you feed this desire inside of youCan`t you see you`re destroying your life ?Turn away it`s not what it`s made out to be, oh don`t you see?There`s a dead end there for youBlinding obsessionsBlinding obsessions
Sacred Warrior Obsessions

Date Added: 2007-12-22
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Sacred Warrior Obsessions Album Lyrics
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