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Oh Shhh

(Oh shit)

Pull up to the club just because (oh shit)
All my girls' nails did and hair done (oh shit)
I drag a chick out the club just for fun (oh shit)
I thought you knew that you got the right one (oh shit)
With my girls, they my ride or dies (oh shit)
We turning up on the IG Live (oh shit)
Get it back, put the fellas to the side (oh shit)
I'ma hustle so I always maximize (oh shit)

Turn your boots in my Trix give me what I need, uh (uh)
Buy me what I want but I never need ya (no)
I will never tell, better if I show ya (woo)
Build The Empire, we hit the corra
This the finale but it ain't over
Wear my heart on my wrist, ice cold polar

Date Added: 2022-01-22
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