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On My Own

I’mma be alright on my own
When I need em
They don’t pick up the phone
When all the money and the bitches be gone
Everybody disappears like a ghost
So I’mma be a shadow
Can’t nobody see
Me cause I’m living like a genie
I’m living like the devil
My brother tell me I’mma demon
Cause I’m spreading all this semen
But I’m trying to get to heaven
I’m dodging all these haters
While I’m trying to get these papers
So I gotta keep a weapon

[VERSE 1: Kevin Gates]
Constipated - everything that I eat
Get regurgitated
Contemplating - robbing my dog
For not popping it off

Snort and roamed together
Ran in homes together
He a bitch I’mma shoot up his car
Lay low and stalk him
Snub head revolver
Sat in a cell - ain’t pick up when I called him

Could of swore when I spoke to the woman I love
In the background that I heard him talking

Black and brown let the rottweiler loose
Drank by myself this is my shot of goose
Watch out don’t cock it when I got a tool
*crick* go to popping - not talking about shoes

Latrell on the line he say Kevin I luv ya
It was boss I said I love you too
Bought a new crib in Atlanta
Fliipin in my Panamera
Slug to get at me
You who want static I might Boobie Black you
Catch you on Beaver Street
Black booby trap you

Gold on my neck bitch
I’m out of my mind
Built for that gangster shit
And I’ll do time
Flight canceled
How dare a nigga even say he saved me
No life jacket


(Fat Trell)

Acting like I don’t be fucking with bitches
When really I need em for money
Sleeping with me - ain’t no sleeping for free
I’m a need me a fifty and ?

I told him I got him - I lied
I shot him he died - she cried
I needed it to stay alive
They seein the hurt in my eyes

Rolling with bricks and Rolex
On my wrist and the police is thinking I stole em
Let em release me it’s over
My studio and my stove
My young niggas my soldiers
My bad bitches with Rovers
My plug with me in the Porsche truck
When they see his face - all the whores fuck

I’m tired nigga - no lie nigga
Thirty shot four five nigga
Red dot yo eye nigga
I’mma bout a homicide nigga
Liquor with me when I ride nigga
Gun on top of my thighs nigga
Bad bitch said she love my eye
With the pack stashed in her thigh nigga
That’s right nigga


[VERSE: 3]
Ain’t nobody going to be around
When yo pockets prolly on e
Ain’t no bros beside me
That don’t be hiding when all these problems get deep

Man - they been with me since we was flithy
And now we supposed to be eating
They popping out - so I’m cropping out
And I’m photoshopping my peoples

Scraping up money ain’t taking it from me
I’m working like I got a job
I’m making it ugly - you running up on me
I’m turning like I was a knob

My niggas been hurting I pull up the curtain
And give it up without a problem
I’m needed alone - and they gone
And they was just blowing me up
Like a bomb

I don’t be needing nobody’s help
Holding me up like I got a belt
Rather be stuck in the cold
Then be told to give up and then watching my body melt

I’m living my life
Rather be riding a bike
And be in the streets
With nothing to eat
With my peoples
They putting it all in the mike


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