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One By One

We've attacked and we're waiting to eat
The sides have come
The sides have come
Undone and we're making our

We are not sure what it is that you say
We're waiting for (waiting for our)
Ships as the night turns to day

And we're starved and we're parched
We'll rip into the flesh atop the spines with which we arch

And we'll turn all the runs in our stockings to webs
We'll hoist them in the forest
We'll make them our
Make them our
Make them our beds

All the crowds are laughing at their lemon lace
They were birthed without a face
Don't sing soft it's what they want
They will turn your stomach into shards
Amongst the hogs stuck in the yard
And when they say they've had enough
They'll take the flowers from the dust
And drop their orchids on your old age

All the girls have gathered 'round now
They're staring at
Staring at
The stars as they start to go out

One by one you will line them all up
You make a toast (Make a toast)
To others who've not given up

And we laugh when you choke
We will drag you to the desert
So you're burnt and you're broke

And your wife will draw straws
For the next on the list
One by one they'll bicker
While the stars they still
The stars they still
The stars they still exist

It's exactly this that drives us to be mad
We're not quite sure what we've had
You won't want to miss this part
We'll slip into our hunting hats and wait
Around the house and when we pray
We'll ask for mercy for our sins
And all the things we never did alone

I'll wait for my husband to get home
And when the cops ask me the reason
I will say I don't really know

'Cause we're all in the shit for sure
And I love to feel your fingers up my skirt
'Cause we're all in the shit for sure
And I love to feel your fingers up my skirt
Up my skirt

In the desert we will dirty our hands till they're clean
And in our beds we'll watch our heads explode before we dream

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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